EcoTeams at the Centre for Alternative Technology

On Saturday 2 October the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales held ‘Apple Day’ – a celebration of the autumn fruit.

Apple Day

Alongside games, apple pressings, and live music Global Action Plan launched the EcoTeam Project in the Centre’s Whole Home exhibit.

Apple Day is a popular annual event at CAT and is seen as a great opportunity to begin engaging with people about living more sustainably.

Cara Walker, Community Diffusion officer for Global Action Plan, will be based in the Whole Home to talk to people about how they can get involved with EcoTeams and work with friends and family to reduce their environmental impact.

What's the Project about?

The EcoTeam project is an easy step by step guide for people to take actions in their home and wider lifestyle to lighten their load on the planet. Teams address issues such as energy, rubbish, water and travel to help make carbon and money saving actions to benefit themselves, their communities and the wider environment.

An average home taking part in this programme makes an annual saving of £170 and one tonne of carbon.

This Project begins

Cara Walker is now working alongside visitors to CAT to form EcoTeams. Groups of people are inspiring and supporting each other in environmentally sustainable and money saving tips around their homes and wider communities.

Mary Patterson, a visitor to the Whole Home, said:

I hear so much about being environmentally friendly at the moment. I’m excited to meet up with other people and work out what we can do

Rob Magee, who was also at the event, said:

It's about making ourselves and our communities more resilient. We have to look at the environmental problems we face today in a positive way

The project will be continuing in the Whole Home at CAT Come and meet Cara and find out what is going on!

Cara Walker on the project:

EcoTeams are an important way of empowering people. I’m really excited to be involved in such an interesting project based at CAT, a place which has already inspired so many to make important lifestyles changes.

If you are interested in learning more about EcoTeams and what you can do visit our website:

Or contact Cara directly on 07516481417 or