Asian Blind Association finish their EcoTeam

Coventry's Asian Blind Association recently celerated finishing their EcoTeam.

For over a year Global Action Plan has been working in Coventry through the Tap into Savings project, running EcoTeams with individuals and community groups in the area. One of the largest of these groups was the Asian Blind Association and they were introduced to EcoTeams through Pru Porretta, Coventry’s Lady Godiva.

Bhanu Dabhi who chairs the Asian Blind Association was keen to incorporate EcoTeams into their weekly meetings, so decided to cover an EcoTeams topic once a month, working through energy saving, water saving and rubbish and recycling topics. The EcoTeams materials were very useful for generating group discussion and getting ideas for actions for a better environmental impact. For the last meeting the group took away samples of pipe insulation and draught exclusion products which could be installed simply in their homes to minimise wasted heat. Tom Veitch from Global Action Plan presented them with a United Nations Environment Programme certificate for their achievements.

At the end of the project Bhanu said,

Thank you very much for the sessions on eco savings which were exceptionally informative, thorough and easy to understand by our group members. More of this sort of session would be useful to the general public in the UK.