Cara@CAT's Wales EcoTeam takes off

Cara@CAT's blog - Our EcoTeams coordinator is running an EcoTeam named for its hometown - 'Mach One'. Read on for her first post.

I live in Machynlleth in Mid Wales. "Mach" as it’s known locally is a lively market town set in the beautiful Dyfi valley. Down the road is the Centre for Alternative Technology where I work as a coordinator for Global Action Plan’s EcoTeams project.

I’ve just started the job so I thought I’d better get together some people and see what the EcoTeam experience is like…

Rounding up a crew

Getting a team together was tricky at first! Some of my friends were interested but said they were busy or felt they were already did their bit. “Good,” I said “Perfect chance to inspire other people to do similarly!"

We’ll get together just once a month to share all our ideas. We’ll meet in the pub…complimentary pint (from local brewer) on the third meeting!” Six enthusiastic, wonderful people joined up and the EcoTeam "Mach One" was formed!

How far can we go?

We met last week to chat over what EcoTeams are and what we hope to achieve. We all live in shared houses around the area so we also talked about what we already do and what we might focus on improving. Sharing all of our experiences helped us develop our ideas.

We realised that together we could potentially tackle all sorts of issues both inside our homes and communities. These ideas ranged from initiating a community composting scheme and requesting more organic gardening land (as there is currently a lengthy wait for an allotment in these parts) to the slightly more wacky "community pig" concept.

More on that next month as our team develops its plan of action…

Together, we're better

Mach One member Michelle Clarke said:

“I’m already involved in environmental conservation but it feels good to have the opportunity to get together with people and talk about where we can take this further in the place where we live.”

Right now we're investigating our impact and gathering ideas. Stay tuned for next month's topic: Rubbish and Shopping.