Clare's worm diary

Global Action Plan staff member Clare has just started an EcoTeam, and is setting up a wormery. Check out her worm diary...

It’s Thursday evening and I’ve just trudged home in the rain. Tonight my housemates and I have planned to set up the wormery that we’ve ordered  for our EcoTeam.

My housemate George and her friend Anna are already here – little does Anna know that she’s been invited to a party to introduce the worms to their new home this evening.

I got the wormery from my council – I paid £15 and they left it on my doorstep.  It came with a voucher and a phone number where I could order the worms. They came in a little bag, which I’ve been keeping in my bedroom cupboard, but I’m not really sure what’s inside!

First we have to make their bed. We place a large slab of coconut fibre into some water. We let the fibre soak and expand while we have dinner. I think: Surely a bag of worms can’t be any worse than the spider I found in the sink yesterday.

After dinner I don the marigolds, venture out in the rain and bring the new wormery inside. Anna offers to help and together we pack the soil into a firm bed base in the wormery. I run upstairs and collect the worms - I just hope they’re okay!

Turns out the worms are actually cosily packed in soil in a bag, so I chop the strings to the package and tip the goods into their home.

Job well done, blondies! Time for a celebratory drink.

This is a lot easier than I thought it would be. But maybe I should have done a bit more research into worm breeding patterns. They breed every 7-10 days and have also been known to escape from time to time! 

Coming soon, the next installment from Clare’s worm diary: The worms settle in

For more information on starting your own wormery, visit Worm City and Wiggly Wigglers.

Or check your local council's websites to see if they subsidise wormeries.