Derbyshire Eco Challenge

In August, Global Action Plan is launching the Derbyshire Eco Challenge with Derbyshire County Council. This is a great new opportunity for Derbyshire residents to join together in taking actions which benefit the environment. Residents who sign up receive ten eco tips by email each month, and can choose which ones they want to try.

At Global Action Plan we know from experience that people find it easier to make changes when they’re part of something bigger and see that other people are making changes too. The Derbyshire Eco Challenge aims to put that experience into practice.

How does it work?
Each month the tips will have a different theme, and we'll be asking residents to tell us:

  • New actions they’d like to try out.
  • Any actions they’re already doing.

They can even suggest their own tips for people right across Derbyshire to try and we’re offering small prizes for the best tips we receive. Along the way we’ll be giving feedback, so people can see their progress and find out what actions other people are taking too.

Get involved
The Challenge will run between August 2011 and March 2012 and residents can join at any time. To sign up or for more information visit the Derbyshire Eco Challenge website or contact