Birmingham EcoTeam-Up..up and away

Following our first EcoTeam-Up event in Birmingham, we're on our way to helping people across the UK go green.

An EcoTeam-Up event was held in Birmingham last week, the first in a series of new format events held with EDF Energy as part of their Team Green Britain campaign.

Our venue was the magnificent Thinktank – a truly innovative science museum (and building). The evening session was attended by an enthusiastic group of soon-to-be EcoTeamers.

With this series of EcoTeam-Up events, we’ve introduced a new game we call “How far will you go?”

Everyone is given one or two cards with an action relating to the four EcoTeams themes: rubbish and shopping, energy, water or travel. We ask them to place the actions under one of the following headings best describing how likely they are to take that action, choosing between “Second Nature”, “Sitting on the fence”, “Would give it a whirl” and “Not on your nelly”.

We were pleased to see how many of the actions people said were “Second Nature”. Turns out it’s a great way to get conversations going, and to get people to commit to bigger actions in an entertaining way.

Thanks to all of our Birmingham EcoTeamers for coming along to the event and we hope to see more of you as we travel across the UK. We’re in London for the next two events, then on to Cardiff, Maidstone, Exeter and Newcastle.

For details of all EcoTeam-Up events, see our events page.

Sign up for an EcoTeam-Up event via the Team Green Britain website.