Mach One Springs into Action

Mach One meets again; this time to investigate ways to improve thier Rubbish and Shopping consumption habits.

Spring has definitely arrived here in Wales! We have (intermittent) sunshine, tiny little lambs, and beautiful daffodils. Why not think about having an eco-holiday in stunning Wales? And while you’re here you can visit the Centre for Alternative Technology and meet me, Cara, in the Whole Home exhibit to find out more about joining EcoTeams Visit mid Wales.

The improved weather has given the members of ‘Mach One’ - our local EcoTeam - new impetus to make green changes to our lifestyles. Last month we were investigating our impact, focussing on Rubbish and Shopping.

First we entered our measurements onto the EcoTeams website. Here’s a handy info sheet which tells you When to Measure. The measurements show us where we’re starting from, then at the end of the project we’ll receive our personalised report which shows the positive impact we’ve made.

We played the Rubbish and Shopping Mix&Match game to start us off thinking. You can find this game and many more on our website when you register. We chatted about local solutions like the A-Z of Recycling that our local council has produced with a clever wheel showing recycling options for (very nearly) all household wastes.

We also talked about reducing the amount of packaging we bring into our homes. A few of our group already get a ‘veg box’ from a local grower which not only ensures organic and seasonal produce but also gets away from unnecessary plastic packaging. All the members of our group already compost kitchen waste but nevertheless we share tips on how to make this easier and how best to use the compost in the garden or in pots. It’s the beginning of the growing season so we’ve timed this project nicely to coincide with growing some of our own herbs, salads and vegetables. Slightly later in the year we will have a seedlings swap!

Mach One member, Will, has lettuce, rocket, dill and chervil germinating and it still waiting for the Sweet Cicely which is one of his favourites. Will finds it a really exciting challenge growing his own food.

Finally we looked at our current rubbish and recycling habits and identified where we could make improvements. We each agreed on actions to take over the next month and beyond.  Ideas can be found on our website. Everyone chooses their own personal actions, but we all agreed to;

  1. Always take a rucksack to the shops to avoid using disposable plastic bags.
  2. Use a metal water bottle and not buy bottled drinks.
  3. Have a go at growing something to eat;
  4. Reduce the amount of meat we eat to just twice a week. (A challenging one for some of us!)
  5. Lastly we’ve planned a charity shop-shopping trip in Aberystwyth to deck us out in some low impact spring time clothes!

Check out next month’s blog when I’ll let you all know how we’ve got on.