How EcoTeams works

Join in, Take Action. You'll get support and encouragement to make changes, and you'll see the difference you're making.

Join in

You can invite anyone to join you – your family, neighbours, or Facebook friends. Don’t fancy getting a group together? Why not join an existing team? Or be your own team, knowing that hundreds of other EcoTeamers are doing the same.

Once you start a team or join an existing team, you’re able to invite people to join you. When your team have all signed up, you’re ready to go!

Take action

Here’s where you’ll make a difference – we’ll give you a set of actions to choose from on rubbish and shopping, energy, water and travel.

You’ll take the actions that fit your lifestyle, measure your progress, and see the difference you’re making. Time then to celebrate what you and your team have achieved.

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