Robert's Story

Robert is taking part in an EcoTeam at work. Since January, the eight members have been holding meetings at lunch time.

He is enthusiastic about the training aids offered by EcoTeams:

The mix ‘n match games get you thinking.  It’s really important to see the impact of mundane and everyday stuff that you can relate to. For me – and for most of the team – the most positive aspect is the practical advice offered. 

Being in an EcoTeam has made Robert and his colleagues a lot more conscious of environmental issues, especially recycling.  Robert found that working as a team was really important too:

It’s good as it gives you the ability to discuss topics as opposed to learning about or finding out about things online or on TV.  Its pragmatic feedback loop keeps you interested and, in that way, works like an incentive. .. Most actions are straight forward, but some are more challenging.  If someone in your team has done it, or knows someone who has, then it’s much easier and it might help you actually do it yourself.  Discussing things makes it easier to take the leap yourself and give it a go!

Robert found that the rubbish and shopping topic made the most impact – he comments that:

Shopping is something we all do regularly.  So, you have some straightforward actions and choices to act on it.  Simple, yet effective.  Regarding the programme overall, each topic gets loads of discussion going which is really stimulating.