Shop Less, Live More

Need a consumerism detox? Buy Nothing Day is this Saturday – can you resist for 24 hours, or more?

International Buy Nothing Day (BND) 2010 is your opportunity to spend nothing and buy nothing for an entire 24 hours.

What is Buy Nothing Day about?

Buy Nothing Day is a non-confrontational model of campaigning aimed at challenging our current consumer culture.

It gets us thinking about the environmental and social impacts of the products we buy, challenges the relationship we have with consumerism, and liberates us from our constant buying!

What environmental impacts do we have as consumers?

From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, everything we buy has an impact on the environment. When you’re about to pull out your wallet, consider this:

  • How far has it been transported around the world?
  • How much packaging does the product have (and can I get one with less!?)
  • What are the likely impacts on the natural environment?
  • Possible other pollution sources associated with this product?

Buy Nothing Day meets EcoTeams

With Global Action Plan’s EcoTeams, you’ll take a hard look at your waste and shopping habits. EcoTeamers weigh their rubbish and recycling so that they can understand better where their rubbish comes from, and how to cut it down.  You’ll also get support and tips on how to slim your bin and remedy your wasteful habits.

Buy Nothing Day… a chance to celebrate

If you’re not shopping or spending money, chances are you have time to do something else - to get creative. Groups of people all over the country are using this day as an opportunity to party in the street, to spend time with friends, to organise an event. But, whatever you choose to do, make sure you spend 10 minutes thinking about how you will make a lasting difference…

BND is about changing your mindset and your relationship to shopping for life. Not just for one day.

Find out more at Buy Nothing Day.  Need moral support? Check out our own Consumerholics Anonymous Facebook page.