Take action with EcoTeams

EcoTeams is about taking positive action at home and in your everyday life. Make a change -  make a difference that you can see.

What's Involved?

You can do EcoTeams in as little as 10 weeks, or if you want to take your time, you can take up to six months. 

Once you’ve got your team together, we’ll ask you to start taking some simple measurements around your home, so you understand your current environmental impact.

Understanding your timeline

You’ll then get lots of actions to choose from on four key topics: rubbish and shopping, energy, water and travel. A typical EcoTeams timeline looks like this:

Investigate your Impact Month 1
Rubbish and Shopping Month 2
Energy Month 3
Water Month 4
Travel Month 5

Measure your progress

Along your EcoTeams journey, you’ll keep taking quick measurements that relate to your topics. Measuring your progress is the key to EcoTeams: you’ll know that you’ve made an impact, because you’ve seen it happen.

Celebrate your success

When your EcoTeams project has finished, you’ll get a full picture of your own and your team’s savings. We hope you’ll take this time to celebrate your achievements with your team and pat yourself on the back for the difference you’ve made.

You’ll also have the opportunity to share your successes with other EcoTeamers, and have your top tips featured on the homepage.

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