Top tip: Skip the tumble dryer

The warm weather’s finally here – and what’s more summery than a clothes line full of whites, drying in the breeze?

Harness the power of the wind and the sun and string a washing line across your garden this summer – it takes less time than you might think. You'll save energy, your clothes will smell fresher and need less ironing.

Line drying also increases the lifespan of your clothes. Elastics and synthetics, in particular age more quickly from tumble drying.

And how about that bit of money you’ll save. Which? reports that hanging out just one load of washing a week will save you £15 a year. If you line dry more than one load a week, that quickly adds up. If every family in the UK line skipped the tumble dryer once a week, we could all save £88 million a year.

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