Welcome to our new EcoTeams website

We've launched changes to our website to help you get more out of EcoTeams - including more ways to join in, plus new community forums.

More Join in options

There are now more ways to join in with EcoTeams.

  • Looking for a great way to engage your friends, family or neighbours in going green - You can start your own team, inviting whoever you like to join you.
  • Fancy meeting new people? - Make your team open so people who are searching for an EcoTeam can see and join your team. You can start an online team, and team up with people from Boston to Bali.
  • Who says there's no I in team? Fancy just having a go yourself, as a family or a couple. Be your own team and take part on your own or as a household.

Clearer navigation

We've checked out what people need at each stage of the journey and made it easier to find. We've made changes in four key areas:

  • EcoTeams homepage - check out our new slide show and twitter feed
  • My Home - this is where you'll join or set up a team, chart your own EcoTeams journey and take your measurements
  • My Team - this is where you'll do all of your team actions, for example, keep up with your team's key dates, email team members, or post a message to your team's noticeboard
  • Community - here's your chance to chat to other EcoTeamers in our new forum and check out our 'How to...' area for helpful hints and tips for each step of your journey

A sense of community

We know you want to share your experiences and see what others have achieved

  • The Forum - set your own topics, respond to others, or just have a look around
  • The Team noticeboard - use it to keep in touch with your team, wherever they are

We are still making changes to improve your journey so we'll keep you updated with new tools as they come online.

Get started with EcoTeams or if you've already registered log in to explore new EcoTeams features.

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