What's making you tick green?

We recently ran a green mini-poll to find out more about what you think about green issues. We were impressed with the response and we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part.

We posed 5 simple questions, with a variety of answers for you to choose from.

1. What would you share to make Britain greener?

The majority of you said you want to share your time and ideas. Nearly a quarter of you would be happy to share your car. And a brave 73 of you said you’d share your bath.

2. You think you’re green because?

Nearly half of you always recycle. A quarter of you think carefully about your travel choices, while the rest of you already do a lot to help the environment.

3. What would you grow to make Britain a bit more green?

When it comes to growing your own, it was a fairly even split. Most of you said you’d grow herbs, closely followed by planting a tree, and lastly tomatoes. Thirteen of you are going to grow a beard.

4. Who do you think holds the biggest responsibility for tackling climate change?

Your answer was an almost even four-way split. International governments narrowly took the lead, followed closely by communities, then local government and non-governmental organisations, and lastly businesses.

5. You’re interested in climate change issues because?

Just over a third of you want to preserve our beautiful planet, and nearly 30% of you believe climate change is one of the most important issues we face. The remainder of you are motivated by saving money on your fuel bills. And 82 of you definitely don’t want to become intergalactic explorers if the Earth becomes uninhabitable.

So what are you going to do now?

Our EcoTeams programme offers the opportunity for you to start living a greener life today. Simply join up with other people like you to make smarter, green choices which not only reduce your environmental impact, but also save you money. Find out more about EcoTeams.

EcoTeam-Up events

Starting this autumn, we’re running a series of EcoTeam-up events inspired by Team Green Britain. If you want to be greener at home, and not just go it alone, come and join us.

Sign up for a free EcoTeam-Up event at the Team Green Britain website.

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