Win an EcoManager

EDF Energy’s Team Green Britain initiative is about helping people to do what they can to reduce their carbon footprint. Why not join in and sign up to an event now?

What's an EcoManager?

EcoManager is EDF Energy’s new wireless device designed to help you take control of your energy use at home:

  • See the electricity usage of your home connected appliances per day and per month
  • See how much individual connected appliances cost to run when in use and on standby
  • Save energy and money by switching appliances off conveniently from one central location
  • See how much your connected appliances contribute to your carbon footprint

Each device comes with 1 wireless appliance controller and 3 transmitter plugs.

How could I win an EcoManager?

For your chance to win one of 28 EcoManagers, all you have to do is sign up at Team Green Britain Eco Events and turn up to one of our EcoTeam-Ups.

Even if you don’t win, you’ll learn get some great tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Go on, be a part of it. Visit the Team Green Britain website.

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To find out more about EcoTeam-Up events and Global Action Plan please get in touch.
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