You & Me = EcoTeam!

Tony Lloyd, MP for Central Manchester, was one of a number of guest speakers helping draw a picture of what a sustainable Manchester would look like.

Mr Lloyd, praised the “yous and mes” for bringing about the Climate Change Act, and is calling for us to now green up our lifestyles and the local area by setting up EcoTeams in our communities.

Our EcoTeams event took place at the beautifully located Central Friends Meeting House and despite the sun shining the turnout was good, with over 40 people participating.

The day began with Lisa Lingard, Green City Project Officer, Manchester City Council, detailing local initiatives. Helen Conlon, Environmental Awareness Officer, also gave a talk on waste and resource management.

Participants were able to get up close and personal with our exhibitors who were running stalls through the day, as well as taking part in the event.

The EcoTeams event was a fantastic opportunity for people from all across Manchester to come together and learn practical ways to live more sustainably

Nicola Milner, Volunteer Coordinator, for Emerge

Other exhibitors included: MERCi, an independent charity running a number of projects looking at sustainable transport and sustainable communities; Manchester Climate Fortnightly – a resource of comment and information on climate-related issues in Manchester and the North west; Action for Sustainable Living, a charity providing volunteer services and engaging people in lifestyle changes; and the award winning and active campaigning group, Manchester Friends of the Earth

Local support for each of the EcoTeams topics is available for people taking part in an EcoTeam and can be found here:

Rubbish & Shopping

Join Emerge Manchester's Community 3Rs Champions scheme and learn how to reduce your waste!


Get to grips with Energy and see how you can be more efficient. Check Action for Sustainable Living's energy page


Water is a precious & vital resource. Here are some ways to help conserve and save your water usage


Want to reduce your carbon footprint when travelling? Check out The Transport Action Group - part of
MERCi's Environment Network for Manchester

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